Need a Second Opinion?

second opinion financialDo you need a Second Opinion on your Investments?

Many people are familiar with asking a doctor for a second opinion on a medical diagnosis, and we are finding that clients are also asking for a second opinion on their financial situation as well.

Some clients that come in for a second opinion are concerned about privacy and what we may say about their financial decisions. These hesitations are often offset by the potential for greater understanding of their financial position.

Often clients seek a second opinion about their retirement plans.

If they are not retired, they want to verify how much to save and when they can retire.If they are retired they want to find out if their money will last throughout their retirement or how to cover long-term care medical cost.

Many questions involve a client’s portfolio such as am I paying hidden fees; am I getting the rate-of-return that I should be getting; am I generating as much income as I can? And what would happen to my lifestyle if we had another big market downturn?

Our clients count on us to do our best to be objective in our advice for their future. As financial planners with over 31 years of experience and 12,000 completed financial plans, we have the knowledge to give an informed second opinion.

Setting an Appointment

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